<transcy>From the Marchesi di Barolo with Harley-Davidson Italia</transcy>

From the Marchesi di Barolo with Harley-Davidson Italia

Direction Barolo to go and discover the "secrets" of a great wine: the wine of kings.

Today we are talking about a wonderful day that saw us as guests of the winery Marquesses of Barolo. You can't really miss an experience like this because it's those days that enrich you, they leave you in admiration and gratitude and remind you how great the privilege of being Italian is.

The welcome reserved for us is truly special and we are lucky enough to spend the entire visit listening to anecdotes and historical tales from the voice of the patron Ernesto Abbona which made everything even more magical.

The kindness, elegance and passion of the Abbona family have really captivated us. They managed to convey emotion to us that they instill in their work, in this winery and in the territory they seek to guard and preserve with dedication and intelligence, aware of having a piece of history and culture unique in Italy and in the world. The story begins from afar and catapults us to 1807 when, Juliette Colbert of Maulévrier married the Marquis of Barolo: Carlo Tancredi Falletti.

Thus began the construction of these splendid cellars that allowed the fermentation and refining of Nebbiolo grapes in large oak barrels, thus creating the work of art that today we all know as Barolo. The winery was subsequently acquired by an ancestor of Ernesto Abbona who with tenacity and love has carried on this inimitable tradition.

The very old barrels in oak used by the Marchesa 150 years ago have been masterfully restored and today they are still in use and we assure you that they are something unique, as is the view of the castle of Barolo that can be enjoyed from the splendid terrace.

marchesi di barolo

A very interesting passage in the barrique room, more intimate and fascinating, precedes the entrance to the mysterious and fascinating Caveau , where one of the largest collections of Barolo in the world rests very old bottles , in excellent condition and all drinkable, which even date back to 1938.

The conservation work of these "treasures" is constant and painstaking and reflects the great respect that the Abbona family feeds on the tradition of this wonderful winery.

One of the many curious anecdotes that we have been told tells of a bottle of 1936 Marchesi di Barolo recently given to the Pope , to celebrate its 80th anniversary. The letter that testifies to this is exhibited in the Caveau along with many other historical artifacts that alone are worth a visit.

After the tour you can enjoy one tasting very pleasant in the Vineria delle Cantine and those wishing to continue to pamper themselves can have lunch in the Foresteria dei Marchesi. Unfortunately we had to leave for another leg of our tour, but we will be back as soon as possible to enjoy a memorable lunch in the company of a special family that we thank again and that we will return to embrace soon.

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