<transcy>With the boys of the Adamello Brenta Park among the bees: what an experience!</transcy>

With the boys of the Adamello Brenta Park among the bees: what an experience!

Good morning to all Trentino Alto Adige Lovers! As we already told you, the adventures with the boys of the Adamello Brenta Natural Park .

We are talking about a small family-run business that has been in contact with the world of bees for generations: Dalla Nature la salute.

Arriving at their facility we are greeted by Mr. Silvano, an example of a man who puts all the passion he has in his work. Silvano immediately makes us feel at home and gives us a brief historical overview of his activity (by clicking here you will see the complete video on Youtube). Immediately after he invites us to put ourselves in the shoes of a beekeeper with mesh suit and helmet . In an instant we are inside "Flight Room" : an invention of theirs that serves to bring everyone, even the little ones, closer to the magical world of bees and attend their tireless and precious "work".

As we said this it is a special place where you can bring your children or grandchildren to immerse them in the natural cycle of life, in close contact with a hive but in complete safety and surrounded by kindness and love. Bees are truly pampered by Mr. Silvano who knows every detail of the world of these pollinating insects, so important that they be indispensable for all life on earth. It is thanks to their pollination that plants reproduce to provide us with the oxygen we need to live.

Of course you can also buy all their delicious products: dozens of different types of honey, grappa, propolis and souvenirs. If you want you can stay overnight in the rooms right above the laboratory / shop. We wanted to dedicate an article to the reality of Maestranzi family because ours ProgettoItalia was born primarily for this: to speak and support those activities that go on updating, but remaining faithful to the traditions and magic of craftsmanship. This is the Italian spirit we love. Thanks again @DallaNaturaLaSalute! Run to buy it in our food and wine section directly clicking here.

If you've come this far to read we thank you for your time and we remind you that this is just one of the articles who told about the tour. If you are interested in having more info or knowing how to be present in the next tours write us an email to: projectitalia@esplicitomag.com

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And if you want to see the complete video of this stage on YouTube click here.