<transcy>In Alba in an enchanted place: Casa Scaparone</transcy>

In Alba in an enchanted place: Casa Scaparone

Sometimes it is really difficult to explain in words how much magic and beauty can be experienced in a certain place, but we still want to try it by telling you what we experienced in Scaparone House.

A stop that you must necessarily do when you wander around the Langhe. This little world it will move you deeply if you are a lover of history, true and genuine things, special people, their wonderful stories and excellent cuisine of course. Once you cross the threshold you will feel like you are enter a dream in which you will lose the conception of time and space immersing yourself in the five hundred years of history that can be breathed everywhere, thanks to the hyper-accurate details and the love and attention with which Alessandra, the landlady has been able to restore this "unconventional space" while keeping its nature intact.

Here the luckiest ones can crown their dream of love with a romantic and unforgettable ceremony, creating the bouquet with your own hands in the enchanted laboratory by Alessandra.

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At Casa Scaparone, as the name says, we really felt at "home", welcomed and pampered. We let the tension slip away, abandoning ourselves to the suggestions that gave us the color of the sky at sunset, the lights on in the courtyard, the scent of plants and flowers in the garden and the sublime dishes of the chef.

Alessandra and her daughter Carolina are special souls and without them this place would not be what it is. They were a wonderful surprise of this tour that, in addition to showing us unique places, allowed us to discover precious realities and tenacious and dreamy women that make you want to chat all night exchanging thoughts and stories of life over a good glass of wine.

It is a suggestive place, where life goes slowly , where spaces, even if essential, like demanded the countryside of the past, they always have a special touch that warms your heart and changes your mood. Not to mention the Osteria which deserves a separate mention. The dishes are something sublime. The raw materials, of which many are grown in the organic farm of Casa Scaparone, are exceptional and are respected and enhanced by the choices of the chef in a mix of tradition and innovation. We also had the honor of witnessing the choice of truffles which we could then enjoy directly on our plates during dinner.

Thanks again Alessandra and Carolina for all emotions that made us live, sure we insert this directly in the places of the heart where, at least once a year we want to return and stay there for a while.

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