Opera Zero

Venus - Face oil

  • €78,00

Work It is an Italian brand of natural and artisan cosmetics with the mission of Decolonize the Beauty industry through the use of local ingredients. Founded in Bologna from the 34-year-old Italo-Vietnamese I never ferraro, Zero opera It is produced in small batches in a small artisan atelier. The natural cosmetics line is inspired by the diversity of the Italian territory and is formulated using a mix of active ingredients and botanical extracts, chosen following Principles of ethical and sustainability. 

VENUS in 30 ml format it is uNa mixture of precious oils and botanical extracts inspired by the Po Valley plain, its fields and its rice fields. The venus face oil is formulated to feed, protect and maintain natural hydration Facial skin. Ideal for every type of skin, it can be used both day and at night thanks to its rapid absorption. It helps to rebalance the fatest skins.

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