Taerre - Profumo

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The project LOVE is born as a creative work of the cultural association AME'ESSENZA- BENESSER- SALUTE. The Association wants to characterize itself as an experience of Applied phytostectivewhose purpose is to spread the culture of beauty through the idea of wellbeing intended as a personal care, following a hygienic-health path of a holistic type.

TAERRE 100 ml

Fresh and intense, dedicated to men and women by bold and adventurous spirit, This fragrance embodies the element of fire, the red of the living earth. It symbolizes physical strength, tenacity, pride, determination.

Olfactory pyramids: a start aimed at enhancing the energy of the bergamot of Reggio Calabria and the vitality of the bitter orange, tempered by the sunny luminosity of the almond in bloom. The heart, a refined flowering of violets and southern honeycombs, is blended with an incisive and harmonious bouquet of ginger berries and liquorice roots, to enhance the aromatic intensity of the heads of wild faggot. In the end, there are soft touches of cyst resin and oak moss.

Designed for all those who are attracted to uncontaminated breath of nature, a resurrection of a world that has now been suppressed, from the return to the native Mother Earth.

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