Spiriti Divini

Tris of Rosoli

  • €25,00

Divine spirits It is a family company that produces Rosoli, liqueurs, bitter and flavored wines High quality respecting family tradition. It is the dream of two brothers, a 100% company made in Italy, 100% Made in Puglia.

In this box you will find 3 10cl bottles, to serve smooth and preferably cold.

Rosolio Liquorice: Licorice is a rustic and perennial herbaceous plant of the Fabaceae family. For the production of this rosy, decoctions and pure extracts of the underground roots of lush plants growing in Calabria are used.

Rosolio Mandarin: First of the three original citrus fruits of the genus Citrus together with the cedar and the Pomelo, from which all the other species of citrus fruit derives, the mandarin is the only sweet fruit between the three. To produce this rosolio the best fruits from historical citrus groves of the Gulf of Taranto.

Rosolio Zenzero: Ginger is a herbaceous plant of the Zingiberaceae family, originally from the Far East, more famous cOn the English name of Ginger.

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