Luce di Sorrento

Premium Lux Oil,

  • €105,00

Light of Sorrentoborn from a long research project in the field of functional dermatosis, linked to the territory of Sorrento, giving birth to a innovative treatment of high cosmetics that helps to counteract the effects of time, for a visibly brighter and younger skin. That of Giovanna Adelizzi.Sorrento, the founder of light, is a family story that dedicates himself with passion from 1923 to the cultivation of the lemon of Sorrento.

Premium Lux Oil, 15ml helps to preserve the natural level of skin hydration. It promotes cellular repair and regeneration. It nourishes and strengthens the protective barrier of the skin. It absorbs easily and does not shine. Lighting face oil with high regenerative and antioxidant properties. A formula rich in precious antioxidants to protect skin aging that combines the LemonLux complex ® Vitamin E and Beta-sitosterol, for a unique intensive treatment that strengthens, regenerates and illuminates the skin.

CONDITIONS FOR USE: The texture is very fast absorbed and the result is a light and velvety skin. Heat 3-5 drops of oil between your fingers to release the scent of the Essential Oil of Sorrento Limone, a powerful aid to stimulate tonicity and vitality, and massage gently on your face, neck and disconnect.

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