Luce di Sorrento

Perfection Lux Serum

  • €135,00

Sorrento, it is born from a long research project in the field of functional dermocosmetics, linked to the territory of Sorrento, giving life to a innovative treatment High cosmetics that helps counter the effects of time, for a visibly brighter and young skin. The one of Giovanna Adelizzi, the founder of Light of Sorrento, is a family story that He dedicates himself with passion From 1923 to the cultivation of the Lemon of Sorrento.

Perfection Lux Serum 30ml Give a burst of energy to the exit skins. Ensures a Natural Filler effect instantaneous. Done a uniform color, healthy and bright. Promotes the reduction of the discramence skin illuminating and uniform face serum for Give light to the face. An illuminating, moisturizing and revitalizing concentrate for the skin off and dehydrated even in the presence of cutaneous discomieces. The powerful assets such as vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and sea water, united to the LemonLux® complex, ensure to the skin a new vitality and splendor.

TIPS OF USE The daily application helps to counter dry, skin spots and colored off. Gently massage On face, neck and decellété, breathing the delicate fragrance of sorrento lemons from intense aromotherapy action. To enhance efficacy and a global beauty ritual it is advisable to use Perfection Lux Serum in combination with Global Lux Cream and Premium Lux Oil.

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