Barbieri Adele

Overview + Prelude

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The farm Adele Barbers born at the end of the last century in Novali (Cormons), two steps from Slovenia, between Collio and Preval, and is by vocation a multiform family-run company operating in full respect of natural rhythms and biodiversity for overall sustainability: is a winery (Della Casa Vini) with its Collio wines, is a teaching farm, is a historical park, is a farm of animals with its ponies, rabbits, peacocks, geese, ducks and goats.

"The Mission of the Wine House is to enhance the territory of Collio, as Italian wine excellence in the world. That is why we have chosen produce exclusively blends of indigenous varieties that express in the most complete way the soul of the Collio. The focus on sustainability and environmental impact begins in vineyard where all our grapes are grown preferring always natural solutions and continues in the cellar in the winemaking and until the realization of the final product."


Red collar DOC: Merlot 100%

Wine elegant and strong, balanced, with intense aromatic accompaniment, shows intense ruby red, bright. Violent reflexes denote youth and great evolutionary potential. The nose is complex: fruits and flowers combine in an attractive bouquet but at the same time simple and inviting. It is structured and dynamic: combines the structure of the important red with an easy and desirable drink. The tannic structure, sweet and ripe, gives the sip a typical persistence of the great red wines.

It should be served between the 17th and 18th. Matches to Perfection with red meat at the barbecue, lamb and game, excellent with seasoned cheeses, perfect with first to the hare and boar ragu. It also goes well with "fat" fish such as cod and eel. Its dynamism also allows you to combine it with sausages and cheese for a quick snack.


Collio White DOC:  Friulano 70%, Malvasia istriana 30%

Ithe wine is clear, brilliant and shows intense yellow with some green reflections. The intensity of Perfume is high, important. Tropical smells are recognised and herbal characteristics of cut hay and white fruit are perceived. The wine is dry characterized by a balance book that makes the wine pleasant from the first sip.

It is served between the 12th and 14th and is ideal with appetizers and the first of fish, especially with fatty fish such as salmon, eel and cernia, as well as pasta and risotto based on vegetables. It is excellent with white meat and seasoned cheese.

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