Masseria Baroni Nuovi

3L Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Can

  • €69,50

TheFarm Baroni New fù founded by Mr. Antimo Campana in the early 60, over the course of the years the children and heirs of the estate, strongly wanted to continue his meritorious and entrepreneurial work.

Agri-food products, respect a high quality standard with some "chicche" of excellence among which, the squeeze of olives that you identify in an exciting Olio extra virgin d' Oliva.

The Extravergo Oil of Biological Olive is a blend composed of the best varieties of local olives conferring on it the characteristic golden colour and fruity aroma, accompanied by herbaceous trails, delicate flavour and a long and persistent lingering final.


OLIVE VARIETA : Leccino, Frantoio, Cima of Melfi, Pescioline, Coratin, Tondina calabrese, Nociara. TIME OF COLLECTION : from early November to the end of December
EXTRACTION SYSTEM : in cold, by continuous plant
CONSERVATION : in controlled temperature steel tank


COLORE : intense yellow with reflections verses verses BOUQUET : aroma fruity with herbaceous feelers TASTE : delicate, with pleasant final manned

Unfiltered, it could leave a slight deposit on the bottom

Available formats are milk from 3 L and from 5 L.

The order and its shipment is available for multiples of 2 (2 minimum order milk)