Nutri-Serum Viso

  • €64,00

Saeka is a trademark of natural cosmonies made in Tuscany based on the philosophy of Slow Beauty Care. Itsaeka rattments stem from the slow living, contain ingredients of the Val d' Orcia and the Amiata, where it seems that time has been stopped, and they are the fruit of passions handed down by generations, in respect of nature and its time.

The Nutri serumin format 30 ml, contains extra virgin olive oil of the Val d' Orcia obtained from the following varieties of plants : frantoio, leccino and moraiol that make it of high quality for both food use, but also for cosmetic use. His composition gives him an anti-dehydrating and protective action poichis keeps the corneocytes together by making the skin more resilient. Importantly, it turns out to be the unsaponifiable fraction of the oil that is made up of polyphenols, chlorophyll and carotenoids by confering on a powerful antiradicallic activity. The serum is enriched with jojoba oil dona comfort, vitamin E powerful antioxidant acetate and excerpt extract of tonic action.

The Nutri serum is suitable for all types of skin, from the younger ones to the more mature ones. Thanks to his ultra lightweight texture he quickly absorbs himself with a slight massage. It contains no perfume and dermatologically tested.

Advice for use : Apply morning and evening a few drops on your face by massaging gently until full absorption. Avoid the eye contour. External use.

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