Opera Zero

Light of Elicriso Cream

  • €63,00

OPERA ZERO is an Italian brand of natural and artisan cosmetics with the mission of decolonize the beauty industry using our own ingredients. Founded in Bologna by 34-year-old Italian-Vietnamese Never Vi FerraroOpera Zero is produced in small batches in a small craft workshop. The line of natural cosmetics is inspired by the diversity of the Italian territory and is formulated using a mix of active ingredients and botanical extracts, chosen as follows: principles of ethics and sustainability. 

ELECTRIC LIGHT is the face cream (50ml format) that accompanies us through the coastal areas, passing between pine trees and Mediterranean landscapes, between hills, clearings and shrines on cliffs overlooking the seaYeah. Light of Elicris is a face cream suitable for any type of skinwhich protects, nourishes and helps to maintain the natural hydration of the skin, giving brightness and elasticity, with a silky touch and an intense Mediterranean scent.

CONDITIONS OF USE Use a product nut on the skin of the face and neck, day and night. Massage or beat until completely absorbed. Mix with two drops of face oil Venus for a nutrient and regenerative treatment.

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