Levitas & Libra - Oil

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OTA OLIVE OIL it is a company run by two young brothers, small producers, who work on quality. Limited production allows you to take care of every single plant. They personally follow the cultivation, production, bottling and design of labels. 

Their olive groves are located near Trieste, where the Mediterranean meets Central Europe. This territory is among the northernst areas where the olive tree is traditionally present, resisting cold winters and relentless bora. 

LEVITAS 500 ml

Extra virgin olive oil VARIETY: Leccino and Pendolino FLAVOR: delicate

Levitas as the lightness of an oil that enhances the most delicate dishes.
For the label we chose the butterfly, a symbol of lightness.

LIBRA 500 ml

Extra virgin olive oil VARIETY: Bianchera, Leccino, Pendolino. CERTIFICATE: D.O.P.  FLAVOUR: balanced 

Libra as the balance of an oil that perfectly balances the character sweet of the lyccino and the strong personality of the whiteness.

Leone d'oro: Best packaging 2019 - Italy 

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