Kit Sieri Viso

  • €129,00

Saeca. It is a natural cosmetic brand made in Tuscany based on the philosophy of Slow Beauty Care. ItSaeka treatments derive from slow living, contain ingredients of Val d'Orcia and the Amiatawhere time seems to have stopped, and are the result of passions passed down by generations, respecting nature and its time.

The kit contains:The perfect combination of three serums (each from 30ml) for a moist, protected and nourished skin. Determinologically tested for external use.

Hydra serum: mountain Amiata honey face serum, known for its moisturizing and sweetening properties. chamomile water, oat extract, vitamin PP And they belong jealous. Particularly suitable for restoring adequate hydration.

Proage serumserum to the wine of Mt. Amiata obtained from vines grown on Mt. Amiata containing: a high quantity of anthocyanins high antioxidant activity. The serum is enriched by the plant complex of red grapes, from the extract of vine leaves, panthenol, and jaluronate sodium The formula helps to preserve the beauty of the skin over time.

Serum Nutri: Serum facing the olive oil of the Val d'Orcia with high nutritional and protective properties. The serum is enriched with Jojoba oil, vitamin E acetate and Edera extractYeah. Its precious formula enriches the beauty of the skin without weighing it down.

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