Giulia Violanti

Indian Kit #BeYourInfinite

  • €39,00

Julia Violanti deals with graphics and visual communication and is passionate about artistic printing techniques. Lives the graphics as tool of expression, personal and collective, in continuous evolution.

In the Indian kit #beyourinifinite you find :

-1 Quaderno Pavone and 1 quaderno Ganesh | Both printed on soft touch paper with gold nobility and hand-bonded ; A5 format internal to rows

-1 Tote bag | Borsa #beyourinfinite in white cotton formed 38x42 cm with long sleeves

-1 Bookmark Pavone and 1 Ganesh | with miniature and description of the illustration

-2 Adhesive Ganesh | circular adhesives, complete cut, 5x5 cm

Characteristics :

Black cartoned box measures : 23 x 17 cm

Measures of the tote bag : 38 x 42 cm

Measures of notebooks : 20.5 x 14.5 cm

Kit sent in protective cardboard container format DIN A4 + (23.5 x33, 7 cm)

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