Mud is Mood

Intersections - Candlesticks

  • €142,00

Mud is Mood is a brand of furnishing accessories, born in Umbria from the idea of the designer Cristina Daminato. With a background in architecture and interior design, he draws his inspiration from the harmonious interaction between shapes, colors and "human" moods. Cristina began working with ceramics in 2016 and works from her home and creative studio in the Umbrian countryside. He produces his pieces in small series and entirely by hand.

Playful, elegant and definitely customizable. Intersections - Candlestick set consisting of 3 candle holders Uniform, Cleo and Bice that can be stacked at will between them. Each element can have various functions: candle holders, flower jar, pen holder, small container.  The collection Intersections  consists of 5 candle holders (Agatha, Bice, Cleo, Dino and Helium) and 4 bowl elements (Gaia, Gino, Flora and Fauno) that can be modulated at will, depending on mood and what creativity  Suggests.

Material: Matt enamelled porcelain stoneware


Candlestick Uniform - D. 10 cm A. 8.5 cm

Cleo Candle holder - D. 10 cm A. 6.5

Candle holder Bice - D. 5 cm A. 8 cm

In the package 2 metal cups 

The product can go to the dishwasher, oven and microwave.

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