Barbieri Adele

Cormons honey

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The farm Barbieri Adele It was born at the end of the last century in Novali (Cormons), 2 steps from Slovenia, between Collio and the Preval, and is by vocation a family-run multifaceted company operating In full respect of natural rhythms and biodiversity for all-round sustainability: He is a wine company (of the Wine House) with his wines from Collio, he is educational farm, he is a historic park, he is a farm of animals with his ponies, rabbits, peacocks, geese, ducks and goats.

Our honey

Our native APIs of Collio Cormonese live in 15 colorful arnias placed in the hilly wood owned by the company, near rich nectariferous sources. Their health and the environment in which they live have always been our priority. Honey products are the result of careful management and monitoring of the well-being of the hives. Honey is extracted only if the colony is healthy And able to produce them in greater quantity than its needs. Our honey is a natural product, Obtained with craftsmanship. We believe it is precisely this attention and gratitude for the APIs that makes their honey today so special and want to share it with you.


At the beginning of the season (May-June) the acacia or Robinia flowers, which with its fragrant white bunches attracts the bees. Their tireless work leads to collect the sweet nectar that will take the name of acacia honey.  The color is clear and does not tend to crystallize easily, The perfume remembers that of vanilla and icing sugar. Clear, delicate and sweet honey, Who likes young and old and that for the high fructose content and the absence of strong flavors, lends itself to multiple uses and is the best suitable for sweetening drinks, yogurt and fruit without modifying its taste.

Millefiori honey  (Summer)

The bees are extraordinary insects that express and reflect the richness of the floral varieties present in the places where they live. It is so that they give us every year throughout the spring and summer period of the millefiori always different that enclose the set of contemporary blooms in the territory in every drop of their honey. Every millefiori therefore represents a combination of tastes, aromas, colors and very sought after and unique consistency. This we propose is the summer millefiori, the last millefiori which is collected in the production season, before chestnut. It is a complex honey, full of nuances that invites you to "close your eyes" when tasting the first teaspoon... The color is amber and in time tends to crystallize slowly. The scent is decided and recalls the scent of dried chamomile, the resin and the woods. A bitter aftertaste is perceived, slightly astringent, with notes of ripe and refreshing fruit. It is ideal to enjoy as it is or in combination with fresh cheeses that enhance its flavors.

Linden honey

In summer (July-August) we let ourselves intoxicated by the intense scent of linden flowers. Tiglio honey comes in a rather clear, amber coloring, With the possibility of even seeing reflexes tending to yellow-green in its purest varieties. His aroma is decisive and persistent. Fantastic with herbal teas for sweet taste and a fresh aftertaste. He marries well with sweets, dissolved in the Catalan cream or baked fruit. It also goes well with tasty cheeses and is the best companion for a well-aged Parmesan.

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