Venturini Baldini

Goccia Collection - Vinegar

  • €75,00

Located on the historic Matilda Hills in Emilia, between Parma and Reggio Emilia, the family estateVenturini Baldiniis synonymous with sparkling wines from Emilia and quality vinegar. With an approachin full respect of nature and its ecosystem, a strong link to the territory and its tradition, and a spirit of innovation, make organic wines that represent the diversity of Emilia.

The vinegar is produced in the Acetaia di Canossa which has its origins in the historic vinegar factory housed in the building dating back to the seventeenth century which is located in the upper part of the estate.

The Goccia collection it comes out of the traditional scheme and presents young balsamic condiments with a distinct personality. We find 3 products with uncooked must and with a clear and bright color with a maximum of 5 years of aging, specifically are the variants Goccia Bianca, Rosé and Mela, then we move on to 2 products with a dark and intense color with 8 years of aging and with a decidedly interesting density, are the Goccia Nera and Tartufo.

The elegant gift box contains 5 bottles of 50ml each.

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