Delicate box

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Biotenik It offers you the thirty-year experience of staff who, with passion and dedication, makes use of the best natural and organic raw materials.

1 Face cream day and night. 50ml rice oil and water - Face cream from the top of oil and bio rice water, organic maple syrup and very high quality bees wax. During the day it maintains optimal skin hydration and guarantees high protection against atmospheric agents. During the night he deeps the skin and guarantees a smoothing and elasticizing action.

Active principles:

  • Red maple syrup 4%
  • 70% organic rice water
  • Bio rice oil 14%
  • Bio 3% virgin beeswax
  • Tocopherols 2%

1 body cream with rice. Dried and sensitive skins 200ml - High quality body cream body cream and rice oil and high quality organic virgin virgin substances. It works optimally on the skin with a high emollient, moisturizing and nutritious capacity. Thanks to its delicacy it is excellent on the skin of newborns and children. Several times a day in areas with dermatitis.

Active principles:

  • 70% organic rice water
  • 12% organic rice oil
  • Tocopherols 1%

1 rice water -Natural mixture with strong antioxidant and moisturizing action. Tones and makes the skin brighter, soft and elastic. Excellent for scrub or mask removal. As an acidifying, soothing and moisturizing pack.

Active principles:

  • Aloe Vera Gel 10%
  • Organic rice water 85%
  • Organic red maple syrup 3%

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