Opera Zero

Carlina-Olio Detergent

  • €44,00

ZERO OPERA is an Italian brand of natural and artisanal cosmony with the mission of decolonize the beauty industry through the use of nostran ingredients. Founded in Bologna since 34-year-old Italo-Vietnamese Mai Vi Ferraro, Opera Zero is produced in small batches in a small artisanal atelier. The natural cosmonary line is inspired by the diversity of Italian territory and is formulated using a mix of active ingredients and botanical extracts, chosen following principles of ethicity and sustainability. 

Carlinain the form of 100ml is a mixture of precious oils and botanical extracts that recreates the pastures and mountain woods. It offers a delicate detersion, dissolving the make-up and removing the impurities. Formulated to be rinsed with water or damp cloth, it leaves the skin of the face soft and retains its natural moisturizing. Ideal for each type of skin, especially for fat and impure skin as it does not hang up, but on the contrary, it helps to rebalance the natural production of sebo.

The aroma is intense and natural derived from the mix of vegetable oils.

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