Make You Greener

Candles Subject to Mano

  • €75,00

Make You Greener is born out of the idea of two best friends, Sonia and Valeria, in love with Planet Earth, grated for having the good fortune to discover and admire and decided to preserve it.

Make You Greener thought of a box 100% plasticfree customized (in cardboard recycled recycled FSC and local hay at km0) containing 3 Eco Candles natural in fully vegan wax wax and made by hand in Italy. Each candle is numbered, being a limited edition of only 170 pieces and are dedicated to 3 different destinations, to travel with your mind.

Uluwatu has the perfumes of Bali with the essence of Ylang Ylang, a yellow flower coming from Indonesia and lavender with incredible relaxing properties.

Ribera is a teleporter in Sicily thanks to the citrus breeze of sweet orange with a touch of wild cinnamon

Crete Senesi brings the Tuscane hills into the house, thanks to the cypress aroma and the freshness of the lemongrass.

The whole is accompanied by a postcard in arable paper with wild flower seeds, even this handmade in Italy by us, where it is possible to add a special dedication or simply plant to see a new spring flourishing.

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