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Biotechnology offers you the 30-year experience of staff who, with passion and dedication, make use of the best natural and organic raw materials.

One Anti-Age Body Cream. Aloe Vera and Evo Oil 200ml

Cream Body with the high content of Aloe Vera BIO gel and extra virgin oil of Organic Oil. It nourishes, hydrates and optimally protects the skin with a high capacity for leniency, smoothing and regeneration.

Active substances:

  • Aloe Vera BIO Gel 25%
  • Extra virgin olive oil BIO 12%
  • Tocopherols 1%

1 Cream Inaesthetics of Cellulite 200ml 

Untethered cellulite cream with high content of Aloe Vera BIO gel, Extra Virgin Oil BIO and Karita BIO butter. LConstant use gives the skin a tonic and smooth appearance and prevents the appearance of enamel and cellulite. Thanks to its draining properties, it acts effectively on water retention.

Active substances:

  • Extra virgin olive oil BIO 10%
  • Carrot butter BIO 2%
  • Aloe Vera BIO Gel 25%
  • Esculoside 1%
  • Ximenynic acid 1%

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