Agricola Marrone

Box Enthusiast

  • €169,00

Agricultural Brown over more than a century is a reference cellar : four generations of passion, tenacity and hard work. A history of tradition with a glance always aimed at the future.

In this box you will find 3 bottles with these specifications :


VITIGNO : Nebbiolo 100%, in particular "Lample" and "Michet"

It is a Barolo from the warm and full flavor that smells of pink, underwood, licorice, cocoa and spices and has a pleasant balsamic note that makes it drinkable from right away.


VITIGNO : 100% Nebbiolo, in the specific variety "Lample" and "Michet"

Barol of structure and complexity. Fragrance complex of cherry, small fruits of wood, licorice, minted notes, toasted and a leather print. In the mouth it affirms a decisive and powerful character, perfectly managed in a charm event.


VITIGNO : Nebbiolo 100%, in particular "Lample" and "Michet"

It develops into the glass with a typically grained color. It leaves the nose with no words, where subtle and elegant notes are made, helping to create an exceptional aromatic bouquet : nutmeshed, red fruit, spices, fruit confection, and balsmy touches.

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