Box Care Hair

  • €86,00

Biotenik offers you the 30-year experience of staff who, with passion and dedication, make use of the best natural and bio raw materials.

The box is composed of:

1 Baobab Bathroom Capillare 250ml

DESCRIPTION: Polyvalent Shampoo gently washing hair thoroughly by preparing them for the crespus treatment and for home washing. It contains Baobab oil and Aloe Bio gels that give shiny and hydration to hair.

1 Sollevamento naturale Baobab 250 ml

DESCRIPTION: Treatment of crespo, based on baobab oil and rice protein, which regenerates hair and makes them shiny, soft and easily combed for a long time.

USE METHOD: Washing your hair carefully with the specific preparatory shampoo. Dry to 80%. Wet hair apply the product with a lock brush for lock, uniform with comb and rub your hair for better absorption. Leave in posing 30 to 60 minutes to depending on the type of hair. Rinse with warm water and dry your hair. Plate locks for locks 8 to 10 times at 220°. Do not wash your hair before 24 hours.

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