American Analcoholic

  • €38,00

 A MA RI CUA RE-from the late Latin 'DONATE A PLEASANTLY AMARO TASTE'. Amaricant as it represents the aromatic base of many aperitifs and digestives. The infusion of flowers, fruits, bark and roots is in fact the fundamental and characterizing component of the amarican aperitif.

From classic Italian tradition of American is born Amàrico, an inspiration that unites ancient infusion techniques and blending to a modern way where the fun marries with well-being. Amàrico, an analcolic product that keeps within its own that complexity and that unique vivacity for a aperitif suitable for every occasion.

Choose it in the version Open Kit or as a single bottle.

In the Kit you will find : 1 Bottle of Amàrico, 1 pack of tonic water, pugliesis tarals and Italian olives.